Ally Nature Vegan Prenatals

I did lot of planning the minute I found out I was pregnant. I planned almost every aspect of my pregnancy except for which prenatal vitamins I was going to take. My pregnancy was unplanned so I wasn’t taking anything beforehand( I know most moms start taking prenatals when they are “trying”). To be honest, my OB never even told me when to start. It wasn’t until about my fourth month of pregnancy when my OB asked me what prenatals I was taking- and by that time I was already taking them daily.

I basically don’t remember when I started to take prenatal vitamins, I just know one day I woke up and was like “crap, I should start taking prenatals.” I asked my sister and she really did not have a preference, she said all of them made her feel sick so I was back to square one. I drove myself to Whole Foods, scanned the entire shelf and purchased the most expensive one because in my head that was the best one. I understand now that my theory was obviously flawed- but that’s what I honestly did. Now thinking back, it was super naive of me to not do research on this topic. Now that I am very well in my postpartum journey I have decided to look into what vitamins for future pregnancies and current use. Truth is, prenatals are marketed towards pregnant women but anyone can take them really.  While it is true that high levels of nutrients over a long period may actually be harmful for you (as in if you are not pregnant and decided to take prenatals, etc), that’s something you should always discuss with our health care provider. Vitamins and supplements are great, but never take them without discussing it with your doctor, period.

I came across Ally Nature Vegan Prenatals about a month ago. They are vegan, non-GMO vitamins with choline. I decided to actually take the vitamins so I could give my honest review. I knew DHA was important, but I had never heard of choline. Why is choline important during pregnancy? Well it’s actually an essential nutrient grouped with the Vitamin B complex (A). It helps with proper liver function, brain development, muscle movement, and more. In fact, 550 mg of choline is recommended daily for pregnant and lactating women by the FDA. The same amount (550mg) is also recommended for children over 4 and adults(B).Their website was actually very informative and I came across stats that honestly blew my mind.

“Unfortunately, every year in the United States, there are 3,000 pregnancies with neural tube defects such as spina bifida or anencephaly.2 Intake of choline during pregnancy may reduce the risk up to 72% of these devastating neural tube issues in babies” (via Ally Nature)

The benefits of choline are very promising. As a mom, I think it’s vital to know what you are consuming during pregnancy.  I mean is there any better feeling than knowing you are doing the best you can for your growing baby?

I am currently taking both the Choline + Folate and DHA+ Lutein from Ally Nature. I’m not going to lie and say I feel like a different person, but I do feel much more energized during the day. I am also trying to eat healthier, so they could all be playing a part in my well-being. I will definitely be taking this vitamins during my next pregnancy. I feel good knowing that this time around I am much more confident with my choice of prenatal/supplements.



Ellen Oganesyan