Nuby Haul #4 Bath + Toddler Essentials

Hey everyone! For this Nuby haul I am going to be reviewing a few more bath items and a couple of toddler essentials that I use everyday with Ella. Hope you enjoy them!


Ella used to hate taking baths and it was a constant struggle to try to shower with her. It was literally a two-man (woman) job. It was getting way too complicated for my liking and it wasn’t up until she was 12 months old when she started to enjoy taking baths. That’s when I realized just how important bath entertainment was. I try to get her new toys every 3-4 weeks. In between that time I usually allow her to take some of her regular toys with her to the bath (plastic ones).

For this haul I got Ella the Splash n’ Catch Bathtime Fishing Set and the Stacking Bath Boats.

The Splash n’ Catch Bathtime Fishing set is one of my favorites. Besides it being a super fun bath toy- it actually helps develop hand eye coordination. The characters are super cute and can be linked together and it can even be used in the pool! Once again- BPA free and a ton of fun! You can purchase the fishing set on Amazon and pretty much at any major retailer that sells baby goods.


Another one of our favorite bath toys are the Stacking Bath Boats from Nuby. They are recommended for 9 months + and include 5 colorful boats in the package. The boats float and can be turned upside down for waterfall fun. They also stack into each other which makes storage SO much easier. We love our boats and we even practice our colors with them!



As a new mom it’s so important for me to find products that make my life easier. It’s been a trial and error type of thing when it comes to Ella because I am constantly figuring out what I like and what I do not like. One thing that I have been using everyday is the Oral Care Set from Nuby.

Oral Care Set

I started using a gum scrub when Ella was a few months old. When she started to get more teeth I knew I should have been brushing her teeth regularly- but I just was not. Up until she was about 13 months old I honestly did not have a consistent routine. That all changed when I came across this set. To be honest, I wish I found this set earlier because I could have started using it months before. It’s actually a 4 stage system and can be even used with newborns. It helps promote development of good dental hygiene and it’s the perfect size for babies! This set helps protect baby’s primary teeth- which is SUPER important. The set is also BPA free and you can find it on Amazon an other major retailers including Walmart. Also, the price is super reasonable and I have not found any other product that comes close to the convenience.

Teething Necklaces

I started to use teething necklaces when Ella was just a few months old. I had bad anxiety with her teething toys and them falling on the floor so the best distraction was getting a teething necklace. That way I knew where the toy was and I was not scared of it having crazy germs. It was also always conveniently around my neck which made it easier to get my chores done if I were carrying her. I still purchase these from time to time because I rather have Ella play with these than my actual jewelry. Granted, these of course pose a risk of suffocation- as do most toys—- so please always have your eyes on your child if they are playing with one. I would not leave Ella alone with one. These would also be a great gift for new moms on Mother’s Day!


Thanks for reading! Let me know if you guys have any questions about any of these products.



Ellen Oganesyan