Nuby Haul Review #2

For my second Nuby Haul, I received the Snack n’ Sip, IcyBite Keys with wipes and their 3 Stage Teether set (wipes included). So as I mentioned, Ella was not a fan of teethers during her first round of teething. I just figured she did not care for them. All that changed when she started to get her molars. I noticed that she was sticking more of her toys towards the back of her mouth to relieve her gum pain. That’s when I decided to introduce some new teething toys with her, and luckily, they were a big hit!

  1. IcyBite Keys- So Ella is just like her Father- she is OBSESSED with cars and all accessories associated with them. I never actually refrigerated the IcyBite keys for Ella, maybe I’ll eventually get around to doing it, but they were just fine room temperature. Ella had a blast thinking they were actual car keys (but she quickly realized they weren’t). It was nice to have her occupied with a toy that also relieved her from those horrible gum pains. A definite winner in our household!


2. 3 Stage Teether Set- The 3 Stage Teether set is another great teething relief combination of toys. It’s literally under $6, and that is why I love Nuby so much. I hate spending so much money on toys and go unnoticed within a few minutes. Nuby provides the quality you expect at a fraction of the cost- and that is why it’s a go-to brand for me. This set comes with a few soothing teethers in different textures and colors. They provide comfort for middle and back teeth (AKA MOLARS). Ella has forever been obsessed with the blue hand teether because it’s literally a perfect substitute to biting on fingers. She also LOVED the purple one with small bristles at the end. She would constantly chew down on it—which made me happy knowing that she was self soothing instead of fussing. Now, it’s one of her bath toys because she absolutely loves biting on all her bath toys so I figured why not put her teethers in there? Win-win!


3. Snack n’ Sip- Have you ever realized that you can NOT, I repeat, you CANNOT leave the house with a toddler without an abundance of snacks? I mean I need at least four types of snacks because my daughter will only sit in her carseat if she is eating. And then once we get to our destination she eats literally everything else. I always end up buying more snacks on the way too. What I love most about the Snack n’ Sip is the fact that it occupies Ella. Whether there are snacks inside or not, she loves opening and closing the top cap. Sometimes she even sticks her little toys in there. I just love having another compartment where I can place some of her snacks. It’s such a genius invention, I secretly wish I had one. We have the purple owl one and I will go ahead and tag the Amazon link below.

Ellen Oganesyan