Nuby Haul Review #1

Nuby is one of those household brands that most of us know about and trust (for me anyway). I have noticed a tremendous increase in their quality and variety of baby related items. Here are a few of the recent finds that I have come to love. 

1. Nuby Reversible Muslin Teething Bib

You know when you come across an item and you immediately think "why didn't I come up with this?"----well, I had one of those moments when I got my hands on this bib. Putting a teething section on a bib is PURE GENIUS. Ella loves it. I love the fact that she stays busy while I get her food ready. The material is also so much nicer than most bibs, and the patterns are beyond cute. Just an amazing buy and the price is incredible, you can get three of them for about $10 bucks on Amazon


2. Nuby Silicone Teething Necklace

I'm obviously not the first mom to realize that babies will literally chew on everything and anything. Most of the time they like to chew on things they are not supposed to like jewelry, books, wallets, purses, etc. The best part about this necklace is that Ella doesn't know it's not meant for her, so she goes HAM on it, (thinking I'm letting her get away with something). Oh, Ella, you are funny. It's also pretty gentle on her teeth and I am not afraid of her swallowing one of the beads---it's very sturdy. Sometimes I even attach it to her walker and it keeps her busy for awhile. #momwin

P.S. It's actually a very nice looking necklace and my mom thought I actually bought it for myself, she had no idea it was a teething necklace LOL.


3. Nuby Silicone Grip Mat

So while Ella doesn't really understand the concept of a plate, I still use the grip mat to allow her some practice on her fine motor skills. I often put little pieces of cheese, just to see if she can maneuver around the sections and grab them. Other times, I simply put her toys in the different compartments and watch her move them around. Either way, this is a great item to have. Best part is that it can grow up with your baby. I know that Ella will eventually not flip over every plate she sees, and when the time comes, I will actually use this mat for its intended purpose. Till then, we shall enjoy it for what we can. 

IMG_6217 2.JPG

What are your favorite Nuby products? Let me know!

Ellen Oganesyan