Baby Led Weaning

So when I started feeding Ella solids, I had the choice of purees or going down the path of baby led weaning. 

Purees are obviously self-explanatory. But if you haven't heard of BLW, I'll give you a short intro of what it entails. Not to be confused with breastmilk weaning, BLW refers to weaning into solids. Some moms decide to skip purees and not feed a baby with a spoon. Instead, BLW means offering your child soft cooked foods (age appropriate) that they can eat independently.

Honestly, I was way too chicken to start Ella with BLW. Her first food was avocado and I started purees shortly after she turned 4 months.

Recently, I decided to incorporate BLW into our daily eating schedule. At least once a day, I let Ella eat what I am eating, independently. I have noticed a HUGE difference in her attitude and self-mannerisms. SHE LOVES TO EAT BY HERSELF. It's also a time saver since I don't "meal prep."

Here is an example of a BLW breakfast we had this week


That morning, I was having eggs, avocado, & salmon topped with alfalfa sprouts. So what I did was simply give Ella small pieces of egg and avocado--I skipped on the salmon since smoked salmon has a high percentage of sodium. I also skipped on the sprouts because it would most likely cause her to choke. This is what I love about BLW, I can simply give her anything from my plate that is well textured. Best part is there is no meal prep and no special baby food machines.

P.S. I get about 75% of my daily groceries from Milk and Eggs. I think I have talked about them before, but if you are in the LA or OC area, definitely give them a try. Their groceries are fresh, mainly from local farmers, and their prices are incredible. Everything in the picture above was actually ordered from Milk and Eggs. Makes my life so much easier to just wake up to groceries on my doorstep--it's honestly a dream come true. 

Ellen Oganesyan