Toddler Lunch- The Basics

So what does a typical lunch look like at our house? Well, for starters, I always use a plate with different compartments because Ella does not like her food mixed together. She loves to discover the different colors and textures so compartmentalized plates are her thing.


Compartment #1- I always have one compartment that is veggies. I honestly just put whatever I have in the fridge. Broccoli is always an easy one to use and I steam it with my Beaba Babycook.

Compartment #2- I try to have some sort of protein. Usually, it’s egg whites or chicken. Ella loves protein- thankfully- so this is usually not a huge deal. Sometimes I mix olives in there to give her egg whites a salty companion.

Compartment 3- (the big compartment)- I usually give her whatever I have made at home. In this picture, it’s a lentil and rice pilaf.

By keeping this sort of organized method in mind when making Ella’s menu makes shopping SO MUCH EASIER. FYI- Like I have mentioned before, I get all of Ella’s eggs and vegetables from Milk and Eggs, which is a food delivery system in Los Angeles/ Orange County. Check them out: