Mother's Day Gift Guide

While I think that everyday should be Mother’s Day (call me biased), but I really do appreciate a full day of recognition and gratitude. My husband is constantly asking me what I want, and sometimes it’s hard to just sit down and make a list of all the things I want. First, I love sentimental gifts. So it is often hard for me to ask for a sentimental gift- you know what I mean?

So I wanted to get this list together for any mom who wants to send a hint to their loved ones of what they want- because WE DESERVE IT.


I love dainty jewelry because I am no longer a huge fan of chunky pieces. Believe it or not, I used to be the girl with those huge earrings on during PE in high school. As I got older, I realized that I love simple pieces- pieces that I can wear everyday without having them weigh me down (literally). After having Ella I came across Sincerely Silver and literally fell in love with their products. My first necklace from them actually had the coordinates to the location where Hagop and I met in Yerevan. My next piece is my current favorite, and it is the Momma Bear necklace. I literally just got a compliment on it as I was writing this. It is the most beautiful piece of jewelry and it represents motherhood- something I am BEYOND proud of. It’s very dainty and I often forget I am wearing it. I don’t plan on taking it off- EVER! Kidding. Maybe not.


So coffee plays a huge role in my life—duh. Part of why I love coffee shops are the atmosphere and human interaction. That may sound funny to you but when you are in a home all day with a cranky baby/toddler, there is nothing better than caffeine and actual adult human interaction. I mean this is common knowledge, but I hate Starbucks and Coffee Bean and those large franchise corporations. I love little mom and pop shops because they provide such a better experience. Not to mention their coffee is a million times better than the fast food joint places. Giving that special momma a gift card to your local shop means more than just coffee- it’s an entire experience. Also supporting small shops means supporting actual families- and I LOVE that.



So one of my favorite gifts I have received post Ella was this mom journal from my cousin. Everyday there is a question that is asked and you are able to answer it. Once the year is done, you start all over. So you can see what your answer to that specific question is for the next 5 years. I can’t wait to see how my life plays out- and this journal is one way of documenting it. It’s super easy and fast and you don’t actually have to sit down and write an entire entry. I keep it next to my bed and I try to write in it every morning. I would HIGHLY recommend getting one of these for a new mom.


The one I received it from Amazon- and you can find the link here.

Obviously there are a million other things that you can get for your mom, these just happen to be my favorite. You honestly can’t go wrong when it come’s to Mother’s day as long as you give it a little thought.

Let me know what some of your favorite gifts are! I’d love to make a new list.



Ellen Oganesyan