WeeBlessing- Ella's Very Own Clothing Subscription

I promised I would never get a clothing subscription for Ella because I enjoy shopping for her so much, but all that changed when I realized I have no time for simple outings anymore. I’m also very picky when it comes to Ella’s clothes. First, I love basics so much. I am not one of those moms who dress their children in frilly outfits for the hell of being “cute.” My main concern is that Ella is comfortable in her clothes and gentle on her skin. I love cotton and simple patterns. I also never pay full price for her clothes, which was another concern of mine when dealing with subscription companies.


So I gave Wee Blessing a try and I fell in love. Before getting my order, I filled out a simple style survey on their website. I told them what type of styles I like, where I shop, what patterns I love, what I don’t like, etc. After filling out this quick style survey (which did not take more than a few minutes) I received my first package in the mail. So at this point Ella is way cooler than me because she actually has her own stylist who went out and handpicked these items for her. Best part? All of the pieces are 40-60% off retail! You simply pay $8 for the shipping and keep what you want. You have 10 days to pick and chose what you want and you simply return the rest (they even provide you with a return label!). If you want to keep all the pieces they offer you a special discount!

It is to no one’s surprise that I kept all 4 outfits that I received. All of the items were things I WOULD PERSONALLY BUY. They were all brands that I was familiar with (Gymboree, OshKosh, Carters, Gap). So if you have been considering a subscription similar to this, do it! Try Wee Blessing out and let me know how much you love it! Be sure to use code “ellenohh” during your sign up!

Ellen Oganesyan