Almond Cow- The Plant-Based Milk Maker

So it’s no secret by now that I have been trying to reduce my household’s dairy intake. None of us are allergic, so this move was solely done for nutritional purposes. We also aren’t vegan. I enjoy the occasional splash of half and half in my latte and feta cheese in my salad. Ella still has whole fat yogurt, eggs, and cheese. The one thing I did want to do was reduce Ella’s intake of cow milk. You ask why?

Well for starters, make sure you talk to your child’s pediatrician before making any dietary changes. I made this decision after consulting Ella’s pediatrician. The way I see it, cow milk is meant for calves, not humans. It is meant to grow a calf into a full blown cow—aka hormone galore. Did you know that calves have four stomachs and gain hundreds of pounds within a few months? Also, besides humans, no other species drinks milk beyond their natural age of weaning (so why do we push it on children?).

Moreover, we are all lactose intolerant, some people can just take it better than others (hence why you might assume that you are not lactose intolerant). Now, I understand that we need calcium and Vitamin D, and that is why I still give Ella yogurt (full fat only) and make sure she eats her veggies. I’m not a nutritionist, but this is what I think is best for my child at this time.

Here are other scientifically proven reasons why milk is not healthy for us:

  1. Links to certain cancers

  2. Antibiotics - pumped into cows to keep them alive

  3. Saturated Fat

  4. Weight gain

  5. Digestion issues


  7. Contaminants

  8. Break outs

After Ella weaned from breastmilk, I introduced her to oat milk and almond milk (mostly oat milk). I would often make these milks at home, since buying them from the store was pricey (and I honestly did not want the added ingredients). That is when I came across the Almond Cow. I was really hesitant at first. This appliance seemed too good to be true.


When it first arrived, I was blown away by the sleek look and easy clean up ( I would make a huge mess when I would make my in-home milks). The first milk I tried with the Almond Cow was an oat and almond milk. It was beyond delicious. It was frothy. It was perfect. I wish more people knew about this machine because it is SOO worth the investment. Whether you like dairy or not, this machine should be in every household. Their website also has a ton of yummy recipes. Best part? You get to keep your leftover pulp for future use ( I used my almond pulp to make Ella pancakes). You can even make your own almond flour. It’s just seriously the coolest appliance in my kitchen (second to the espresso machine, of course).

So Almond Cow, thank you for doing what you do.



Ellen Oganesyan