Little Tikes Tappin' Beats Play Center

Entertaining a 16 month old is not easy. Ella is going through a phase where she is really starting to like the television—-which freaks me out. I don’t want my daughter to become a Youtube zombie, but it’s also hard finding something that keeps her entertained for more than .005 seconds. As far as sounds and music goes, Ella is not really intrigued. The other day I walked in on her “playing”—-all of her toys were singing and doing their thing and Ella was just playing with a speck of dust on the floor. Moral of the story, she is not easily entertained by the typical electronic toddler toys.


One thing I noticed about the Tappin’ Tunes that I really loved was the fact that it created a little area for her. She absolutely LOVES going over the inflatable walls. Instead of playing with the musical keys on the side, she spends a good fifteen minutes going in and out of the play area. Ella loves hurdles and challenges and she often creates the funniest scenarios for herself, so I immediately knew this toy would be a big hit with her.


The Tappin’ Beats Center also comes with fifteen foam shaped blocks that she honestly spends more time biting than playing with, but hey, it’s Ella’s world and I am just living in it. They play center is for indoor use only and really does encourage toddlers to build and play music. I love the fact that it requires only a damp cloth for an easy clean up. Ella loves the fact that she can pretend she’s a Ninja Warrior. It’s a win win.

I suppose this toy will keep Ella busy for another week or so and then I plan on hiding it and introducing it to her a few months later. Does anyone else do that with their kids?

Let me know if you guys have any questions! Little Tikes Tappin’ Beats Play Center is now available for purchase at your local Target!