My 5 Fav Things on Amazon

Rumor has it that there are two types of moms, Pinterest moms, and Amazon moms. Well, I can proudly say that although I wish I were a Pinterest mom (because who are we kidding they are the ones with the perfect abs and super clean homes), I gladly take the crown for Amazon Mom of the Year. I don't think an award like that exists, but if I did, I would win it. I was going through my "Your Orders" tab from the past 6 months and realized I have 239 orders. I mean, holy hell. For those of you who don't particularly like math, six months equal to approximately 182 days. So that means I ordered at least once a day, every day, for the past 6 months. I can't help it. I LOVE COMING HOME TO BOXES WAITING AT MY DOORSTEP. It low key feels like Christmas every day.

From my long hours on Amazon, I have curated a list of my favorite items that I use with Ella. Some of the items aren't even geared towards babies but have been more useful than actual baby products. Here it goes:


1. Yi Home Camera: so when it came time to buy a baby monitor for Ella, I knew I did not want an actual baby monitor. My decision to do this mainly depended on the fact that I did not want to spend about $300 for an item that I was going to not use after a couple of months. For me, it made more sense buying an in-home camera that I can easily hook up to my smartphone. This way, we can all see the baby, hubby included (all the way from work). So I started to look at different cameras. I found a pretty legit deal on a Samsung camera at Costo for about $100. I thought I had a winner. Then one day I was scrolling through comments from a mommy group on Facebook when someone mentioned how much they loved their Yi Home camera. I realized it was on Amazon, so naturally, I ordered it. It has to be one of my favorite Amazon purchases, EVER. It honestly took about 5 minutes to install and I was viewing my baby in minutes. It also has a two-way microphone built in and motion detection. When I purchased this in April of 2017 it was $39.99. I just realized it's way cheaper now, maybe Black Friday specials? Anyways, this camera is everything it says and more. I totally recommend it OVER any baby monitor. 

2. Humidifier- So I originally purchased this humidifier for my chronic migraines. Apparently diffusing lavender is supposed to help with headaches, so I jumped on that possibility real quick. Now it has become a part of Ella's nighttime routine. Every night after her bath, I diffuse the lavender in the room. The best part is that the diffuser can be timed and automatically shuts itself off, so I don't have to worry about turning it off when I fall asleep. Also, how freaking cute is it? It's not bulky or awkward looking like most humidifiers and actually adds to the feng shui of my room! It also displays different colored lights throughout the night, which adds an element of serenity and almost makes you feel like you're at the spa....until your baby wakes up screaming of course. Then all bets are off, and reality is no longer escapable. Regardless, I love this item!

3. Baby Head Shaping Pillow- This was one of my most recent purchases. Ever since Ella was little, she preferred to sleep on her right side. Well, one day I realized that her head changed its' shape. I mean on top of all the other million things you have to worry about when you are a mom, shaping my daughter's head was clearly not on the list. Her pediatrician nurse suggested we take her in for a helmet evaluation and it honestly broke my heart. While I know most kids thrive with helmets, I know Ella will HATE IT. She does not like anything on her head, so I was on a mission to fix her little flat head. I purchased this pillow on Amazon and made sure to have her sleep on her other side. But even if she did sleep on her right, there wasn't a lot of pressure due to the composition of the pillow. I honestly think this pillow has helped, I don't think it has 100% fixed her head's shape, but I know for sure it has made an overall improvement.


4. Wubbanub Baby Pacifier- Not going to lie, but I totally bought this pacifier because it was all the craze on Instagram. Like every "IT" mom had a wubbanub for their baby, and I could not live my life knowing I didn't purchase one for Ella. All jokes aside, it is the greatest invention on Earth. During Ella's first two months, I literally sat next to her swing for hours on end just so I can put her pacifier back into her mouth while she was sleeping. If her pacifier left her mouth for more than 2 seconds she would wake up and throw a tantrum. With the wubbanub, it was easy for me to position it in a way, where if she spit it out, it would not fall far from her mouth. As she got older, she started to understand that she could play with it. Afterall, it is ultimately a toy that just happens to have a pacifier attached to it. Now she often wakes up and plays with it for about 20 minutes before getting bored and throwing her epic tantrum of course. I have seen other styles, like the cute little lamb,  but unfortunately, I have to stick with this one since it has shorter hair. Ella likes to stick the actual elephant in her mouth and chew on the cloth, so I have to be careful with which wubbanub I buy her. Also, I've heard there are a lot of fakes out there, so be sure to look at the seller name and make sure it's the correct manufacturer.

5. Nasal Aspirator ( NOT NOSE FRIEDA)- So again, the nose frieda was like on every baby registry "must have" list, so I naturally purchased it. I never really got the hang of it. I figured that my daughter was just not snotty, so there really was nothing there to suck out. Well, my sister purchased this Bloom Nose Aspirator and it was life-changing. It doesn't even compare to the nose frieda, like not even one bit. I cannot go on one day without using it. I almost always use it after her bath when everything is nice and wet and ready for suction. Ella also had her first cold this past week, and I was constantly sucking her little boogies out to prevent phlegm built up. I am so very happy with this product!!!



What are your favorite Amazon items? I'd love to know!!



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